Dongguan Rail Transit Line 2 eternity ring

The dog food is coming! The third “years of confession, dreams of Wantie” 2019 Dongguan subway collective wedding held yesterday morning, 30 pairs of newcomers boarded the “520 love train” full of happiness, and jointly rushed to their bright future. It is reported that this is the third subway collective wedding held since the opening of Dongguan Rail Transit Line 2 eternity ring. The theme of this group wedding is “Year of the Year, Yuanmeng Wantie”. The 30 couples who participated in this event covered different age groups eternity ring, young couples with newly married Yaner, and old couples who have been married for decades. This collective wedding, they confessed to their loved ones, let the Dongguan Metro witness the unwavering love between them. The wedding will be late, but will not be absent from the “520 love train” is the highlight of this event eternity ring, but also attracted the attention of many people. Yesterday morning, Mr. Xing took his wife, Ms. Sun, to the exhibition center station to participate in the collective wedding. After the brief ceremony, Mr. Xing and his wife and two other 29 new couples boarded the “520 Love Train” full of happiness and went to the Baiying Plaza (Hongfu Road Station, Line 2) of Minying International Trade City to hold a wedding and go to them together. s future. Under the witness of the family, the new people stamped the eternal handprint and read the vows eternity ring, and promised each other the promise of happiness for the next life. The organizer also sent a commemorative certificate to the newcomers participating in the event to express their wishes. Mr. Xing and Ms. Sun are Shaanxi fellows, and they fall in love with friends.After 20 years of marriage eternity ring, Mr. Xing and his wife, Ms. Sun, think that they are the best companions. When talking about the reason for attending the subway wedding, Mr. Xing told reporters that when they got married, they did not hold special ceremonies. They simply asked a few relatives to have a meal eternity ring. Soon after the marriage, I came to Dongguan because of working relationship. “There has been no wedding in 20 years, and I always feel very sorry.” “At the time I saw such an event, we felt just right.” Ms. Sun and her husband did not hesitate to sign up. For this reason, the two also bought dresses and suits in advance. At the wedding scene, Mr. Xing and his wife were both dressed in costumes. Their faces were always filled with happy smiles. After 20 years of marriage, they still enjoyed the sweetness of being in love. “This year is just the 20th anniversary of our marriage, that is, porcelain wedding, at 520. In special days, it is sweet and moving to make up this special wedding. This kind of wedding makes us very memorable.”The ring finger is no longer “no name”. From then on, only the journalists at the wedding site found that in addition to reissuing the wedding, there were also “squatting” parents to hold the wedding in advance. Mr. Peng and Miss Zhu have already obtained the certificate in December last year, and are preparing to hold a wedding next month. “But I heard that there is a group wedding event. Why don’t we try it?”