little mysterious atmosphere nail central

Nail art becomes fascinating and with a little mysterious atmosphere nail central. The candy color is fresh and the cute nude color is too long nail central. The light color is not violated. The larger sequins can hold the whole summer even if it is not used nail central. Color or … turned into a punk girl to let the inner wild little dew a stamp card to play nude color mix and match cartoon articles nail central, let the fingertips a little more careful and full of childlike put the powdered peaches The succulent sweetness that you want to bite off in your hand nail central, spread the little stars flat to have all the fun of summer nail central, with some light candy colors. Who is not a sugar girl yet! The little devil is generally funny and cute nude color and black is not too small cherry can also be avatars to drop the fingertips fragrance fruity, is the taste of summer, can tear the nail polish super convenient cartoon characters, of course, can not be less than a childlike heart A little detail of a cockroach, a wish to grow up, a minimalist decoration, an aesthetic point of view, all on the nails, a flower, a pale flower, a nude, a natural friend, a doodle, a flower, a simple, casual beauty, a delicately depicted daisy, a light and elegant piece, falling. The petals are imaginatively walking on the flower-filled trails. Lazy people must have a piece of gradient. Gradient color. Of course, there is also a cup of peach milk. Please accept a hint of pink on your fingertips. Your shy face. Phototherapy nails come pink and metal. The color of the gradient innovation makes people’s eyes shine from nude to creamy. There is a kind of yoghurt fragrance. The nude color of the dreamy smudge is even more dreamy. It can’t move the eyes. The unicorn color is also the little princess in the fairy tale. The glassy texture is like a delicious candy package. These nude color nail styles are not enough to satisfy your chilling summer sweetness. Change it to become an elegant temperament lady! The weather is getting dry, and more and more people complain that their eyes are dry, sore, burning, red blood, afraid of light, and fatigue. The meibomian gland is a special sebaceous gland in the upper and lower eyelids. Its main function is to secrete rouge and keep the eyes moist. There are about 32 meibomian glands on the eyelids of normal people, which are arranged in parallel vertical lines perpendicular to the edge of the eyelids. Some even have irreversible atrophy and loss of meibomian glands, resulting in poor drainage of the meibomian glands or secretion of oil. Abnormal composition, corneal ulcers and other serious eye diseases. At present, the main treatments for dry eye are eyelid cleaning, meibomian gland hot compress, meibomian gland massage and other artificial physiotherapy with artificial tears. These methods can be done once every day after getting up and before going to bed. The specific operation is as follows. 1. Clean. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to remove the cleaning solution, clean the roots of the eyelashes, and remove the secretions. massage. After local hot application.