Taipei to Taichung taipei luxury hotel

From Taipei to Taichung taipei luxury hotel, sitting on the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail for about an hour or so, you can buy a Taiwanese bento at the station and bring it to the train for a price of around NT$100 taipei luxury hotel. Compared with the domestic high-speed rail on the 40-50 microwave oven taipei luxury hotel, some hot-selling tastes quickly hang on the sold brands taipei luxury hotel. The cost-effective pork ribs are about 13.5 copies. Full of sincerity, no renovation taipei luxury hotel, very old sense. In exchange for this, the actual payment of 360 yuan after using the 88 US dollar vouchers taipei luxury hotel, if there is no red envelope, the price is not cheap. A scenic signpost for the scenic Taichung station photographed along the high-speed rail. The check-in speed of the room is very fast, the room key is not the door card, it is the real key. Although the hotel is very old, but did not feel any wet musty smell, it is worth mentioning that many old hotels will have poor water problems, this hotel is completely absent, there is no water on the ground, very comfortable. Hotel guests have free access to a variety of facilities and the gym pool is open to the public. A total of four floors, I feel very professional gym, but I am a little lazy and have not exercised. I waited for less than ten minutes and went in. Breakfast is more general, more people, feeling the level of domestic Samsung hotels. But food supplements and drinks are timely. I haven’t seen the restaurant that needs breakfast coupons for a long time. Sixth, the service is the old five-star hotel in Taiwan. The two buildings are separated by the road. It’s not too far to take a taxi to Fengjia Night Market, 3-4 kilometers. There is a Dingwang Spicy Pot near the hotel. It is recommended to eat it once. The price is not cheap, and the average person is about 200 RMB. You can feel the style of a five-star hotel in Taiwan. Regarding Taiwan tourism, it has been terrible in recent years. Of course, because of the unwise move of President Cai, even the taxi drivers complained that they would not choose her next time. Fengjia Night Market, Miyahara Ophthalmology and Gaomei Wetland. Fengjia Night Market can be said to be more famous. In fact, I don’t have a cold. Because of the heat, the night may be the main activity time of Taiwanese. Fengjia Night Market is close to Fengjia University, and I joked that it is a university entrepreneurial park.Gaomei Wetland is really beautiful. In the eastern part of Taiwan Island, because there is no sea wave on the west coast, Kenting is the sea, because it is the peninsula, the Taiwan Strait in the west, the bus strait below, and the Pacific Ocean in the east. Also went to the Marine Life Museum. There are fewer people and fewer animals, but people can quietly read words and have long knowledge. Finally went to the National Palace Museum in Taipei. In a big city like Taipei, the best way to experience life is to do the MRT. Taipei women grow white and make good makeup. The voices are like . You said that Taipei is good.