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Not only do you join a separate restaurant and kitchen in the gym eyelash extensions hong kong, but you also have a professional beauty salon. The logic of the home brand “cross-border” to open the gym is not difficult to understand. In addition to finding new profit growth points eyelash extensions hong kong, brand integration is also one of the reasons. The current fitness boom is still high, but it has already passed the budding period of “getting started”. The gray walls and floors of the industrial style are simple and clean eyelash extensions hong kong, the blue-violet neon lights make the whole space more wild, and the combination of metal wind and cyberpunk style brings a mystery eyelash extensions hong kong. The pavilion is divided into six major areas: boxing, fitness area, dance room, bicycle room, light food area, and beauty and body area. The ratio of foreign teachers and domestic coaches will grow to 8:2. The store also divides different training areas such as power zone eyelash extensions hong kong, aerobic zone, bicycle zone and dance zone, and introduces the latest training items eyelash extensions hong kong, such as rope-climbing machine, climbing machine, battle rope, wind resistance rowing machine… Ringside introduced the current network red project. The new retail community has stimulated tremendous momentum and market opportunities. Promoting new retail with the community has become a wave of social development. Platforms such as Shunlian Power are connected to the major supply chains to make accurate resources. In addition to major retail platforms and supply chains, there are also innovative institutions such as government institutions, Zhejiang University and other professional institutions, and innovative methods to reinforce traditional enterprises, innovate traditional channels, and build the sustainability of corporate development models. The technological innovation, channel reform, consumption upgrade, product creation, etc. brought by the new retail of the community are in line with the retail trends of the industry, and the stocks are exchanged for increments. Solve the biggest problem of trust in conversion through the operation of community private domain traffic. In the community scene, there are shops everywhere, no store sales, no store rent, no water, no decoration, community training, nail art and other skills training and services, from export training women’s beauty learning skills to help Women’s employment and support for entrepreneurship. Yu Xudong, a professor at Zhejiang University, believes that the new retail is actually doing retail. The most important of these is to reach customers in the way they like. As a professional new retail community channel operator, it is an effective combination of traditional retail and current new social models. Today, when traditional enterprises are transforming into new retail models, public information shows that the cumulative financing quota for just over a dozen new retail community platforms has reached 2 billion yuan, and the three major production bases of 10,000 acres of Taoyuan are the original ecological emblems. Mountain water, using unique natural geographical advantages and sufficient sunshine,In the past few years, Suning has continuously innovated the business scene to create a full-scale retail lifestyle experience, and innovatively launched “Suning Essence”, “Su Xiansheng”, “Suning Store”, “Suning Retail Cloud”, and acquisition of Wanda Department Store. The acquisition of Carrefour and other rich formats, the category from the home appliances, 3C gradually expanded to the supermarket fast-moving, any service needs. As one of the co-sponsoring units, Silk Road Adventure Outdoor Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been focusing on high-end outdoor challenges, light adventure activities, high-end circle sports + travel services, and events along the Belt and Road International. Activities to develop operations.