Long-term fault repair of the direct elevator lightest wheelchair ramp.

Long-term fault repair of the direct elevator lightest wheelchair ramp. Occupied by the blind road, straight up the slope channel, and the special toilet is full of debris… Recently, the disabled and experts interviewed said that in addition to continuing to improve the construction of barrier-free environment lightest wheelchair ramp, they should wake up those who are “sleeping”. “Accessibility facilities.” “Don’t dare to drink water, it is too difficult to find a toilet.” According to the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, the total number of disabled people in China has reached 85 million. What makes him even more uncomfortable is that once, it is difficult to find a barrier-free toilet, but there is a step at the door lightest wheelchair ramp. For another example, if there are only three or four steps to be down, they will be washed directly in a wheelchair, and these are already very skilled. In addition, the construction of barrier-free environment in villages and towns still lags behind. In rural areas, except for inadequate barrier-free facilities and low utilization levels, the phenomenon of non-compliance with the construction of single facilities is also prominent, and the level of management and maintenance is generally low lightest wheelchair ramp. The survey results of the Guangdong Disabled Persons Association and the School of Public Administration of South China Agricultural University on the construction of barrier-free environment also show that in Guangdong Province, an important reason for the use of barrier-free facilities is that the facilities are occupied, it is precisely this kind of conscious or Unconscious occupation has led to the inability of the barrier-free facilities to fully perform their due role lightest wheelchair ramp. For example, some overpasses have a steep slope and must be bypassed, but after they have been completed, they have become retrograde. It is common for wheelchair consignment to be crushed when flying lightest wheelchair ramp. Although there are barrier-free toilets in many places, they are often unusable. They are directly locked. There are too narrow wheelchairs to enter, and some have become storage rooms. At present, the standardized operation mechanism for systemic construction of barrier-free environments has not yet been implemented. The key issue is the lack of a strong and effective authority or coordinator. As a result, most individuals and groups often think that the construction of barrier-free environment has nothing to do with it, and it is difficult for the masses to have more sense of participation. Or is it a violation of traffic rules and crossing the road without a zebra crossing? Regardless of the reason for the absence of a cross-track, the current conditions of access at this intersection are very unfriendly to pedestrians with special needs and are contrary to the concept of building a barrier-free environment. Some people think that building a barrier-free environment is only for a small number of people, such as people with disabilities. It allowed me to walk slowly along the gentle slope and help me a lot. Another example is the vertical elevator and wheelchair ramp in the subway station, which can not only provide convenience for the disabled, but also the passengers who carry heavy luggage or push the baby carriage. Some subway stations change channels, probably because of the early construction, there are no elevators or ramps, but there are several steps.