Adversity is often embarrassing eternity ring.

Adversity is often embarrassing eternity ring. However, even if one hundred people who can endure adversity are found in the crowd, the great mind should show such a spirit: use smiley faces to meet the tragic misfortune, and use a hundred times of courage to cope with the beginning misfortune eternity ring. Good times lay the track for the winners, and adversity creates the ladder for the outstanding. Good times increase people’s confidence, and adversity reduces people’s confidence. It is easy to be adversary, because it is careful; it is difficult to be in good condition because of the general meaning eternity ring. Today, China’s development has stood at a new historical starting point. China’s social transformation has basically been completed, and the agricultural society has turned to industrialization and information society. China has turned from a big country to a strong country and has become the world’s second largest economy eternity ring. The total economic output has already accounted for 16% of the world’s total economy. The great achievements in economic construction today are undoubtedly through reform and opening up and vigorous development of society eternity ring. The market economy achieved. It can be said that the development of the market economy has created a huge “good times” for us eternity ring. But we must also see that the market economy has brought us great tests at the same time. From leading and managing the planned economy to leading and controlling the market economy, facing a new and complex ruling environment is a more complicated and severe test. Cadres at all levels and party members have been afflicted with the people in the era of poverty-strickenness, and to pursue the people to run a well-off society by pursuing wealth; the party’s work should be centered on economic construction, from macroeconomic regulation to the organization and promotion of various economic activities. And supervision, the party’s various levels of organizations, the majority of party members fully participate in the construction of the socialist market economy. This is the case when poverty is poor, especially when it is “rich.” The party has no special interests in addition to the interests of the people. All the work of the party is to achieve good, maintain and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. As public officials and Communists, regardless of the size of power, they must guard against the danger of being “corroded, corrupted, and rotted”; they must be firm in their ideals and beliefs. In the portrait stone, the kissing people are all alone, some are On the loom, some are under a private eaves, avoiding the sight of others. And everything you do is looking for your place. Personality ranks the number of life passwords, so the development of character is the trajectory of the whole destiny. I don’t know this, I will inevitably become a weak person. The weak one is to use it hard, it is cruel, and it is also futile. I finally know, I am the strong, the strong is gentle, so I am happy to live my days. He does not reject any theoretical doctrine, nor blindly follow any authority.