Taipei hotel near MRT and the world will have a wonderful life

Is it difficult to be “the law of Mo Fei”? Fortunately, the earth is round, and the two will always “one to the left and one to the right”. As long as life is not over yet, one day, under the traction of fate, miracles will meet,Taipei hotel near MRT and the world will have a wonderful life. In my old impression,Taipei hotel near MRT Jiaoxi is a backward and low-developed town. It is no wonder that many people in the northern region like to go to this place with mountains,Taipei hotel near MRT waters and hot springs. We also enjoy pools and hot springs in restaurants like everyone else. Leisurely atmosphere. On the third day, we returned to Taipei from Jiaoxi, and took the cat cable to the cat sky. In the sunset,Taipei hotel near MRT we painted beautiful endings for our parent-child travel. This family trip, using many different means of transportation, even the high-speed rail, MRT,Taipei hotel near MRT and cable cars that are rarely used on weekdays, have also been used this time. The well-known catering enterprises in the cottage, in the final analysis, are still lacking in the quality of their own food and beverage. Take the Yiwu Shanzhai Yonghe Soymilk Shop in Zhejiang Province as an example. The clerk directly reaches to stir the soy milk. Half of the arms are stretched into the food directly imported by the consumer, where the health of the consumer is placed, and the bottom line of the food safety is viewed. Nothing. Different from the “brand name” cottage store,Taipei hotel near MRT the secret of these old shops is not the “famous” of the plaque, but the ingenuity of the ingredients, delicious and legendary. For the catering business, the road of “famous brand” is not only far away, but also to the lover bridge to watch the beautiful sunset of the Tamsui River estuary… For tourists and Taiwanese people, these are the classic choices for walking freshwater. Since the end of last year, the light rail line has officially opened, and visitors have added a new line when they appreciate the fresh water. It is located at the junction of the Tamsui River and the Taiwan Strait. From the mangroves of the MRT (Metro) freshwater line, turn to the starting point of the light rail line. Before entering the gate, an innocent “little girl” attracted the attention of the reporter: she took a small scorpion, sat on the sculpture to rest, and then closed her eyes together, letting herself become the protagonist of the story. In addition to the sculptures on the platform, the paintings in the car, the decoration on the stairs, and the animation of the platform display, the entire light rail line is covered with a few meters. Or take a bicycle ride to see the scenery of the Danshui River and enjoy the beauty of the mangroves. At Danjin Denggong Station, visitors can walk to Huwei Cherry Avenue after a 50-meter walk. During the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy Yoshino Sakura and mountain cherry blossoms along the road. The connection of the Danish Sea Line not only facilitates tourists and residents, but also allows tourists to look at the business opportunities along the route.