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“Not worth it” tag. The breakup of the two of them is also a sign, because her boyfriend is said to have had dinner with a good-looking actress eternity ring. So at this time, some people speculated that the two had broken up, and she did not mention the fiance recently, so some people said that the two may have cancelled their marriage contract eternity ring. The practice of auctioning engagement rings may be unintended. She said that the two had only been dating for a year and a half, and the relationship was very unstable eternity ring. After a series of quarrels, they finally became discouraged and decided to end the relationship between the two. But she is now ready to quickly exchange it for money to spoil herself. “I can’t stand it. Now that this relationship is over eternity ring, instead of worrying about keeping the ring, I might as well sell it to make a little money. I like the money and I bid carefully. I hope someone can buy It eternity ring.” Get out of here, you. “In spite of being angry and hanging the engagement ring on the Internet, he was very angry. He defended himself, claiming that he was definitely the best man that Abby had ever seen. Seeing the news of the engagement ring hanging on the Internet eternity ring, he also deliberately gave Abby sent a message, but it was fruitless. She said that she was going to do a day of spa treatment and enjoy the relaxation brought to her by the end of the relationship. Even the global fashion love bean. As a British princess, she not only has a bad look Worth, it also conquered the world with outstanding fashion taste; wearing a pure white coat with pearl jewelry and her world-famous sapphire engagement ring looked glorious. This dress looked neat and decent. In fact, For office women who commute daily, this color system is absolutely not wrong. The entire fashion industry has noticed this. This is definitely a major weathervane. This pleated collar sweater, white skirt, and conspicuous red leather She wore boots and belts throughout the winter. It was warm and chic. Beauty can be imitated, but taste can never be copied. Before she leaves Decades, been shaped by her outfit style, still loved by many people and emulate.During a ring drying event on a social network, a bride showed off her antique engagement ring but was met with ridicule. The bride from Texas shared her photos of the ring on the Internet. The woman’s antique ring. However, this ring, which has rich emotional value for her, was ridiculed by netizens because of the strange shape. The focus is on the white inlaid in the middle of this ring, the precious emotional value is ignored. A group of netizens also selected “the ugliest engagement ring in history”, which consists of a thick gold band and a diamond inlaid on a high base, which has amazing similarities to door handles. The “door handle” ring was shared anonymously by a woman from Washington. The woman claimed that this was the ring her father had proposed to her mother in the 1980s. When she was 18, her mother passed on this very special ring to her. But some netizens criticized mercilessly: “Oh my God, send a doorknob? Does your father hate your mother very much?”