She had only devoted all her energy to her husband’s career before lightest wheelchair ramp

She had only devoted all her energy to her husband’s career before lightest wheelchair ramp, thinking that following him, life would not be too bad in the future, but she neglected to get along with each other lightest wheelchair ramp. The most important thing was morality and sanguan. I really enjoy the feeling that others are holding him. Therefore, when they fell in love lightest wheelchair ramp, she followed him more. She would hardly refute what he said, and let him go home to light a warm light for him when he was going outside lightest wheelchair ramp, let him understand that someone was waiting for him and caring for him. In fact, they also loved each other deeply lightest wheelchair ramp. They did live a good life later. Everything was as she thought, but there was a fundamental gap lightest wheelchair ramp, because he did not appreciate her company. He said that even without her, he himself Still can go today. Even the memories of the past are paler. At first, he didn’t hate her from the bright side, but just became more and more self-centered. He thought he was hard and paid a lot for the family. When she came back, her husband started yelling at her, saying that he was working hard to make money outside She just made a meal at home but she couldn’t make it. What’s the use of marrying her home? Ask her to resign before she quits. She usually does not cook at home until he returns. She spends her time away from home, afraid she will get angry when he does not cook when he arrives home. His attitude really made her feel bad. However, at the time, she felt that she had no reason to quarrel with him. Instead of arguing with him, she hurried to the kitchen to cook. He never said a word from the beginning. Although he was busy with his work, he still cared for her, so she decided to choose him. Later, they had a child. She thought it would make him change his mind and find a sense of responsibility. Then she taught her daughter to call him “daddy”, and ignored everything else, and thought it was easy to bring children. 03 is also when the child was still asleep, her husband betrayed the marriage of two people, although he did not admit it, he did not pursue it too much. Later, the child grew up, she thought that she could not rely on him, so later on the recommendation of a friend, she opened a small jewelry store by herself. However, her husband gradually drifted away with this little achievement. In addition, people often praised her husband’s temperament, her husband thought she was not worthy of herself.This time her husband admitted it, but later recovered, she did not divorce. Their feelings are running low at this time, and the only reason they can persist is for their children. They are trying to play a harmonious family. She later became indifferent, especially after the business in her store was relatively stable, and she thought she could make money without having to rely on him and no longer have to look at his face.