There are 4 obstacles between each couple eternity ring

There are 4 obstacles between each couple eternity ring. It takes a lifetime to survive, but many people can’t get through even one eternity ring. Difficult situation 1: Bored and quarreled, the couple will tolerate each other when they are in love, but after middle age, they will face various disputes eternity ring. The couple in the marriage stared at each other all day long. If they stayed together for too long, the family also became less warm eternity ring. The couple did not win or lose in the quarrel, but no one compromised and reconciled, so they quarreled, and the hearts of the couple were really cold eternity ring. Difficult situation 2: Ineffective communication. There is nothing to say. The quarrel between the couple can actually be solved through communication eternity ring. But when many couples are facing differences, they only think about their own grievances and interests, rather than complaining. This communication has no effect on resolving quarrels and can even make the problem worse. Once the husband and wife can’t communicate, the three views are incompatible. The two people in the marriage continue to quarrel, go to the broken pot and fall, and then to the last three views, the relationship ends. With different goals and directions, husbands and wives are no longer the same. But this situation is not irreversible, as long as the spouse is willing to make concessions, either separate or tolerate, there is no third way to go. Although the misconceptions of the three views are terrible, they are just an excuse for couples to abandon them. Since they don’t agree with each other, they will not marry in the first place. Instead of waiting for the other party to change, you might as well change yourself first. Only couples who have suffered together can go on. It is not so easy to bear suffering as it is imagined. The pain in this can only be experienced through personal experience. Marriage is real. Only the material foundation is the guarantee of loving each other. When a family is deficient in material, if a woman is willing to accompany you to endure hardships and survive the hardest days, then it means that she really loves you, so please cherish it. The editor said: The essential difference between love and marriage is that love attaches importance to affection, as long as each other is happy, but marriage attaches more importance to responsibility. From acquaintance to marriage, no matter how much hardship you have encountered in your marriage, please don’t forget the eachother at the moment of wearing the ring. When I chose marriage, I was going all my life. Only by being fearless can I go bravely! She was found to have put on her wedding ring again.But the probability of the two being reunited is almost 0%, and recombination is not true. “Because this is a photo of attending the event, some netizens said that this diamond ring is just an ordinary ring,