she was reading Taiwan Taipei hotel

Xiao Bian has refused to make instant noodles since she was reading Taiwan Taipei hotel, and eats a hand cake every day Taiwan Taipei hotel. Do you guys know any delicious snacks Taiwan Taipei hotel? For foodie friends, when you go to a new place, you must eat local food first Taiwan Taipei hotel. One phrase that older people often say is that one party can support one party with water and soil. Among the three special cuisines in Fujian Taiwan Taipei hotel, the first dish is the “National Banquet” famous dish. Everyone must have heard of it, it is the Buddha jumping the wall. Everyone knows that the Buddha jumped the wall Taiwan Taipei hotel. From the picture, we can know that the Buddha jumped the wall using abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp , ginseng and other ingredients. I wonder if you have eaten it? Next, this kind of cuisine is not unfamiliar to everyone. This type of fish ball generally has 7 servings, so people call it “Seven Star Fish Balls”. Friends who have eaten say this seven star fish ball It ’s delicious. I wonder if you feel the same way? Even Taiwan has such cuisine. This kind of food is very popular among people in Chaoshan area. Of course, this Fujian friend also loves it. Unfortunately, this kind of food is difficult to eat in other places. Although everyone has heard of it more or less, there are not many friends who have eaten it. I don’t know what kind of food you have eaten Sure enough, in ancient China, some famous delicious dishes will enter the palace as tribute. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in order to entertain some visiting foreign guests with respect for their status, we also launched our own state banquet. Now I ca n’t eat in a high-end hotel, and what Cai Lan said at first really fulfilled, the dish really lost. In the long river of history, many dishes have been lost for various reasons. The ingredients are naturally sea cucumber and pork liver. After the pork liver is cooked in the pot, smash into small pieces and remove the fascia inside. A very rare ingredient that will be used next is celosia oil. This oil is the core condiment of liver oil roasted sea cucumber, and it can’t burn the authentic taste without celosia oil. After the cockscomb oil is heated, don’t say those distinguished foreign guests, even if our ordinary people go to the restaurant for dinner, they won’t wait three hours for a dish. So when gourmets eat this dish, they are very sure that it will be lost. After all, this is a standard kung fu dish. This is a standard Kung Fu dish, after all. Of course, the cumbersome production is one of the reasons for the loss of liver oil and sea cucumber. Another reason is that it is expensive.In the minds of many people, traveling is tantamount to shopping, eating, eating, and going out. In addition to watching the scenery, of course, there is another purpose: eating! If China is classified according to geographical indications, it should be a huge food market.