Newcomer Award” in the second season of Jinge Golden Songs. Since Taipei luxury hotel then

A set of data tells you how much Guilin lost in this Taipei luxury hotel “golden week”?At first, she won the “Most Promising Newcomer Award” in the second season of Jinge Golden Songs. Since Taipei luxury hotel then, she has entered people’s vision and Taipei luxury hotel brought a lot of song music to everyone. However, he was Taipei luxury hotel later forced out of the song because of “burning the door”. Born in 1979, she won the “Most Promising Newcomer Award” in the Taipei luxury hotel second season selection of Jinge Golden Songs. Since then, she has started her career in the music industry and has Taipei luxury hotel won many awards in the follow-up. Guangzhou Zhishang Music Awards Ceremony “My Favorite Newcomer Award”, the third season of Jinge’s Golden Song selected “Rising Star Trial to Play Three Hosts”, Metropolis Awards Ceremony “Rising New Female Singer” and so on. It can be seen that she is also quite accomplished in music. And many of her achievements are inseparable from her own efforts. For the first time, during the filming, the kidneys became irritated due to long-term urination. In Hong Kong, he was rushed to the hospital to receive three injections of antibiotics every day. After seven consecutive days, his condition stabilized slightly. With this experience of kidney inflammation, she has a new outlook on life. She deeply appreciates the hard work of being a newcomer in the singing world. However, she also said: “I know that it is very hard to be a newcomer, but I do n’t know how to It will be successful. I only know that I will do my part well, and I will succeed in the future. “I saw her efforts and progress. Speaking of marriage was not smooth, experienced three marriages. In 2003, she married a second-generation prince. A lovely daughter was born after marriage. However, in 2005, when their family of three visited Taipei, they mingled with sexy actresses in the same hotel. The divorce was decisively decisive for her husband’s derailment, and the daughter was convicted, and her dream of happiness was also shattered. After the first marriage, I went to live in Australia and married a Chinese hotel owner. In the second year after marriage, she gave birth to a lovely son. But what was unexpected was that I found my husband was very fancy, and there were flowers everywhere. Therefore, they often quarreled and ended up with a divorce, and their son was finally awarded. After two failed marriages, raising a child and a child alone was really difficult. However, he has not given up the pursuit of happiness. In 2015, the third marriage ushered in, the counterpart is a Korean 4 years younger than her. It is said that he is younger and works as a media worker in South Korea. However, this time, Cai Xuemin has gained happiness. She and her relationship are very good.And they often take photos to take pictures. When she faded out of love at the hottest time, she did not gain happiness, but now 41-year-old has faded out of the performing arts circle and singing scene, but she is living a quiet life of the husband and wife, hoping that she can continue to be so happy.