However eternity ring. Under the impact of homicide and time and space traversal.

They have the youth that everyone has experienced. However eternity ring. Under the impact of homicide and time and space traversal, this youth is destined to have a footnote more than ordinary emotions-guarding and letting go. It happens to be a one-to-one relationship, Mo Junjie and Chen Yunru, Li Ziwei and Huang Yuxuan. Mo Junjie needs to wear a hearing aid in his right eternity ring ear, which is regarded as alien in school. If it weren’t for Li Ziwei to be his friend, he might become another Chen Yunru. So Mo Junjie fell in love with Chen Yunru, the same kind of encounter with the same kind of resonance, but also the eternity ring survivor’s rescue of the drowning. In order to make Chen Yunru happy, he can retreat to protect Chen Yunru’s love for Li Ziwei. Before the closed loop was broken, Mo Junjie’s last guard was the fulfillment of Chen Yunru’s wish to leave traces eternity ring in the world, and he took the charge of murderer on his own initiative. Such reckless effort will only be made when young. At the end, Chen Yunru, who survived, finally faced Mo Junjie’s company and found that eternity ring she was no longer alone, and she began to let go of her obsession with the world. Huang Yuxuan’s obsession is as deep as Chen Yunru’s. After sandwiching Wang Quansheng (Li Ziwei), Huang Yuxuan couldn’t let go. Day after day, I sat on the bus where Wang Quansheng sat eternity ring with her, photographed the sky when the two were on a date, and looked for the food shops that I had visited together.Even Wang Wangsheng’s family put down, The supervisor also persuaded her bitterly: many times the farewell ceremony is not for people who leave, but for people who stay. Huang Yuxuan’s birthday wish, still want to see the sandwich Wang Quansheng. However, Huang Yuxuan finally chose to put down and break the closed loop, so that all the intersections between her and Li Ziwei were eliminated, leaving no memory left. Is it just that the murder will not be repeated? Uncle Meat felt there was another reason. Huang Yuxuan believed that Li Ziwei would find her. Like 17-year-old Li Ziwei, he will take 6-year-old Huang Yuxuan to eat, drink and have a day. Sandwich Wang Quansheng will work hard to prepare for the exam so that he can go to the same university as Huang Yuxuan. Li, a 38-year-old walking stick, will wait patiently for the right time to meet Huang Yuxuan again. Even if his face changed and his identities were exchanged, Li Ziwei never missed the opportunity to accompany Huang Yuxuan. Well, it won’t be next time. Li Ziwei once sent Huang Yuxuan a pair of en gagement rings, each line engraved with the words: Only if you asked to see me. Our meeting would be meaningful to me. Only when you want to see me, our encounter will be meaningful. Finally, compare two sentences. “Want to see you” can rise to 9.2 points in Douban, becoming the second highest-scoring Chinese drama in 19 years, and some people may find it puzzling .