As for why the boss decided to expand the scale Taipei hotel near MRT .

As for why the boss decided to expand the scale Taipei hotel near MRT . I do n’t know, but I think it should be the same as what I discussed with my successor before I left. , I will talk about this later. Anyway, the final result is that the company has mapped and copied another product. No, it should be another product. There is only one product for self-employed and small businesses. This product was flat or low-profit before I took up finance. Of course, afterwards, I suddenly exerted my strength and became the company’s leading product. Then the company introduced another product by OEM. The target customers were small Taipei hotel near MRT offices and individual consumers, especially those with great fantasies about personal consumption. To be honest, the company has no experience in the personal consumer market (this is what I will understand when I go to other markets well in the future), and many aspects can’t keep up, including that I also summarized while studying and practicing in the marketing Taipei hotel near MRT department. Later, when I applied for an assistant to the president, Yan Yousong, who was also in prison, told me that the experience of XX Company is useless, but the negative experience should still be there. We need this now. At that time, I was very dissatisfied, and I would not go when I was angry. Then Taipei hotel near MRT I realized that he was right. Fortunately, I didn’t go, maybe I’m running an alumni branch with President Gu and President Yan in the number. ), The company up and down dreamed of using bombardment (CCTV ads) to blow up a market, and the result was not satisfactory. At that time, I complained about the company ’s weak performance in the marketing department, but it was later analyzed that it was the company ’s funds. At first I didn’t understand why the company Taipei hotel near MRT chose such a product as a breakthrough, but later I realized that it was also a helpless choice. The company started private equity, two funds in the Taipei hotel near MRT United States. Later, it was restructured, registered a boss holding company on Virgin Island, controlled the three domestic limited companies, and introduced two investors from Singapore, one of which is called the new state investment by us, representing and investing in Singapore. The company began to list on the NASDAQ, so the boss always went to the United States, and somehow it was led by the Singapore branch of the Singapore Development Bank (DBS) Beijing. The second private placement was ready to be listed on the SGX. Because tens of millions of dollars from investors are in place, the company just completed a new round of scale expansion when I took over, especially the R & D department, which has enriched a large number of masters and doctors. The monthly salary is a big chunk. In terms of monthly income, only agency payments and direct sales income, while fixed expenses are a large part of the salary, value-added tax, rent, water and electricity hospitality, etc., market costs are a large part, and there is the supplier settlement.