In 2013, he fought with a candid reporter. He was reportedly smoking marijuana eternity ring,

In 2013, he fought with a candid reporter. He was reportedly smoking marijuana eternity ring, deliberately destroying public property, throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house, and urinating in a restaurant bucket , Beating a DJ at a South Korean nightclub, illegally bringing his own pet monkey into Germany, and spitting at fans … When he was caught in the police station when he was arrested after drunk racing eternity ring, he smiled at the camera and took a photo, leaving a famous Prison clothing photo. In just a few years eternity ring, he transformed himself from a beloved universal idol into a mocked public enemy in the United States. In 2014, hundreds of thousands of American citizens jointly petitioned to expel Bieber Outbound. Sochi Winter Olympics ice hockey semi-final, when eternity ring the United States and Canada faced off, a Chicago company advertised “Loser Keeps Bieber” (the loser took Bieber), and the audience laughed. When I looked back, Bieber concluded, “I started drug abuse at the age of 19, and I lived up to all my relationships. By the age of 20, I made every wrong decision you can think of. From eternity ring the most loved person in the world, it has been reduced to the most ridiculed, the most demanding, and the blackest in the world. “People on eternity ring the roller coaster of life always rush to the top, but they rarely ignore such things as seat belts. But even the children of natural selection must pay for their mistakes. Like all Hollywood inspirational films, when At the bottom of the story, it ’s time to introduce a male savior, usually a beautiful female character, we just do n’t know, who is she? North America is unforgettable and finally there is no second season for a long time, People thought it would be Selena. In 2009, when Bieber, who had just debuted, met Selena at an accidental opportunity, a game that lasted for eight years and went through the whole process of youth in a generation. The long-form TV drama “Unforgettable” was staged. At the 2010 New Year’s Eve concert, Bieber sang “One less lonely girl”. And when halfway through the singing, the heroine was brought to the stage. The love of two little guesses seems to be realistic Opening like an idol drama. In 2011, at a Vanity Fair party, Bieber and Selena were holding hands to attend. But then there was a series of divisions, and the fans just thought Bieber and the game When Na parted ways, a reporter photographed them in December 2012 and they recombined. The news of the recombination has not yet reached a month, and Selena tweeted again: a new beginning. From 2013, Bieber started Deep in all kinds of messy scandals, and the other friends of Selena are firmly opposed to her reuniting with Bieber, and there is mold in it. The most funny piece of gossip during this period is that Bieber and the elven prince are blooming Because the ex-girlfriend and ex-wife fought hard.