All her thoughts in these years are in this marriage eternity ring.

All her thoughts in these years are in this marriage eternity ring. Because she didn’t have a job, she wouldn’t do anything but housework. No, this kind of life is definitely not what you want. When she thought of this, she did not hesitate. She said to herself in her heart: Let everything in the past pass eternity ring. From the moment of divorce, your life has been reshuffled and started again. That day, she sent a circle of friends in Jiugongge, which is the first time she has been divorced for the first time in a circle of friends eternity ring. But you will not thank the pain that has been given by fate. You will only thank yourself for never giving up. For Zhang Xin, the darkest moment in life is the moment when he learned that his ex-husband was unfaithful to marriage eternity ring. At that time, all her persistence in her heart collapsed and even began to doubt the meaning of being alive. If a person has never paid for himself for a relationship or a marriage, then she will not find that she has no retreat when all this disappears. But Zhang Xin is different. Without experiencing some major life changes, we have not completely fallen into the deep valley eternity ring. We don’t know how vulnerable we are; we don’t know how powerful we are when we fight with fate eternity ring. Vulnerability and strength are often relative. Only when you have experienced the painful experience, can you really mature and understand your innermost self, so that you can understand more clearly what kind of life you want, and all the demolition money of the ex-wife after divorce has nothing to do with him. Now he has lost a person who really loves him and is good to him. And this loss is often for a lifetime, and the remorse that comes with it is also a lifetime. Everything is calm. The clouds in the sky and the scenery on both sides of the strait refer to the surprises and emotions of daily life. This kind of happiness and satisfaction is tantamount to the most beautiful scenery in marriage; the wind and rain in the evening represents contradictions and quarrels, whether it is The blowing of the ripples or the waves of the waves are all tests of love and marriage. In fact, my wife’s greatest support for me is that she lives independently. She did not ask me to go out to work. This is what I need most. She gave me time and space to let me play and create, if I met me. Mrs., I may not have the opportunity to pursue my film career. After that, he began to pursue him fiercely. At that time, the director was still handsome, often asked her to go to see a ball, and from time to time revealed his talent. No matter how my status changes, how my reputation changes, the feelings of our husband and wife have not changed.