The home of passers-by opened by passers-by is such a “rebel home”, scattered on the battlefield of popular eternity ring!

The home of passers-by opened by passers-by is such a “rebel home”, scattered on the battlefield of popular eternity ring! Passerby’s father was a policeman of the passerby brigade of Tongzhou Traffic Detachment, and his mother was a reporter. After the war broke out, everyone rushed to their respective main battlefields, and it was expected that the family would gather together. Is empty. As a member of this special family, not long ago the passerby’s father was eternity ring interviewed by “passerby traffic police”. In the interview, I learned that the passerby priest had not returned home for several days. After the leader urged him to go home, he said: “My wife went out for an interview, my eternal ring girl eternity ring is in the passerby. I don’t have to go home. I can work with everyone.” It is estimated that the daughter’s enthusiasm for registering “lady” Follow the pace eternity ring of my father. This time, her daughter is on the first line and the time is set to start on the eternal ring the next day. Passers-by worry about their families. Passers-by didn’t know until ten o’clock on the first night of the first day. Talking eternity ring about the time when the daughter left home, the pillars of the people’s police and the family moved. “The children really didn’t communicate. As a father, I think I might not be able to…” Maybe it was out of professional habits, or out of the father’s intuition. When an epidemic comes, Dad’s first thought was to protect his daughter. She won’t hurt a bit. However, passers-by asked the head nurse behind him to rush to the forefront of the ring of eternity for the first time, making Father Zhang eternity ring hold back the tears and even said: “We are very proud. Indeed, everyone is proud of her.” I know I have a ring of eternity with passers-by, and everything is on the front line. In a word, this is the battlefield. You can’t see without smoke, but this is life. Very worried, there is fear, and it must be there. “Dad Zhang’s tears are unforgettable. No matter how short your hair is, you will also be the most beautiful bride that passers-by originally planned to marry this year. Before this expedition, a colleague “screwed” a few times, then clicked With a click, the hair around my waist gradually fell. “I originally wanted to keep long hair for wedding photos, so I was a little bit reluctant to cut it. But considering the severe situation of passers-by, she said in her: “The more dangerous the situation, the more the medical staff rushes forward.” Not that they are not afraid of disease, but that they have to face difficulties! A colleague asked her and told her fiance, she said: “No, he is on duty tonight, so he can finish his job.” Work with confidence without worrying about him. When notifying his fiancé, he stayed up all night, from anger, sadness, despair, to understanding, support, and respect.