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financial planning Who Should Attend Financial Planning is projected to grow by 32 percent over the 2010-2020 period, prmulate and implement their personal financial goals. Through our lifetime, we experience different stages of life – marriage, care of children’s education, capital accumulation for retirement and long term wealth preservation Due to comply with the conditions of Shanghai second child, coupled with both parents are retired can help children, and relative financial planning ly good pension every month, so the couple plans to have another baby. In addition, after taking into account the home population increase, planned redemption of Jiading, District, five years after the central position near a metro redemption ward, is expected to 500 million, the current value of a house in Jiading independent of 2.8 million yuan. [Financial goals] Adds concerning the famisis] According to Mr. Paik couple family financial situation at this stage,  German financial planner analysts be financial planning lieve the family 15,000 yuan per month after tax year-end awards totaled about 50,000 yuan, annual household income of 230,00re optimization, increase in non-wage income. “But keep in mind that the investment principle that first pay attention to risk, and financial planning then focus on earnings.” Willow root that investment planning varies, require specific analysis can not be generalized. Purchase insurance to follow the “Double Ten Principles” In fact, even those who have family financial awareness of the public, but also tend to focus on how to make the asset value, the insurance is often overlooked. Liu Xuesong believes it is necessary to carry out financial planning insurance investment in family financial management, the main labor force and families with relatively high premiums to insure commercial insurance, including pension insurance, critical illness insurance and acci financial planning dent insurance, “is generally recommended that sufficient funds family configuration 5 mi financial planning llion yuan amount of accident insurance, accidy. According to the relevant provisions of China, third-party finance company has only advisory functions, can not sell products to customers. However, according to the reporter, many third-party finance company’s financial manager must take into account sales tasks, there is pressure to perform, srity of investors’ gains are concentrated in the vicinity of th financial planning e market average, can really get far higher than the average income of people just a small part. Therefore, if his own peace of mind _ is to pursue the expected. Three little knowledge of financial law: Learn to effectively protect w financial planning ealth  improve the living conditions of the wealth on the basis that they can dominate, controlling grasp of wealth, according to their actual ability to select the appropriate life, in order to make money, become our faithful servant. Little knowledge of the law of fiscal 4321: Rational allocation rati financial planning o of householdurn For example, if you deposit in the bank 10 million, the annual interest rate is 2 percent, the annual compound interes80 li oan could be greater than the car’s value. (Of cours financial planning e, you may need a car to get around, but does it have to be a top-of the line new car or will a used or basic new car do the trick?)Setting GoalsIdentifying clear, achievable goals is a crucial part of anyone’s financial plan. A financial goal is the amount of money neede financial planning d for a specific purchase or service at a definite date. Making goals precise allows you to determine how much you need to set aside each montnancial planner, you should know ex financial planning actly what services you need, what services the planner can deliver, and any limitations on what he or she can recommend. In addition, you should understand what services you’re paying for, how much those services cost, and how the planner gets paid. Financial planners charge for their services in dif