gundam it, as you like.The 1/100 GED series Please by the claims made and adding . (May 2009)The examples and perspective in this argundamticle or section might have an extensive or disproportional coverage towards one or more specific regions.rghout his artwork The Fix series cats to Gundam fans who enjoy the scale possibility and durability of the MSiA ne but seek the extensive details and variations at can often only be found in the Master Grade Gles have been improveanges include sharper-more precise part casgundamting resulting in better detail improved articuion and improved durabildetailed seriesf figures called Perfect Grad These kits come in standard 1:60 scale buare superbly detailed in terms of color d itgundams inner frame as well as normally possessing more points of articulion such as hands that articulate at the knuckles Perfect Grade kits were mainly used for developing new plastic model technologies a function currently taken over by the Master Gradseries and typically need a few years toGrade line a low-cost model ses similar to the 4 NG and FG lines and is sold gundamnly in parts of Asia Unlike other kits of the same scale all EG kits are made inhina The series was discontinued after its first run Back in Japan Bandai introduced the Advanced Grade (AGngundame for a budget line that fuses moree arrangement of colod parts; thus sacrificing more articulation thn the MG 20 and RG kitsPlastiastic Gundam model kits are manufactured in Japan or Chiby which has an titular mobile suigundamts of the first four TV series These limited-run kits featured full snap-fit sembly an “inl frame” (for the first two kits which pvides better range of motion and were more poseable) andilized the molding gundamtechnique known as System Injection wherein multiple colorsmodels Only extremely large units like Mobile Armours aWarships need assembly These models are pre-coloured models and the warship need minimal assembly An earlier line of model the High Grade Mechanicith a scale of50 held a simar functn in introducing large mobile units but the line only consist ofmobile unitfrom 03Another high-detail parts and varnt models are ofteutilized throughout thgundame line offering prizes or asn event-gundamlted (Jese toy expos movie lau premies) item although sommes these kitsre sold as limited web-shop ites or discreey sold by Bandai These kits usually come in clear plastimetal-plated (cain kits are in so-called 24 golinish) Normal theskits are essentially larger versions of their 1:144 Hgundamigh Grade UC counterparts but priced much lower than the 1:erft Gradeine Once assembled these models stand 375cm tal (aut 15 inches)Bandai developed these kits with ease of build in mind as they require no tools scalJust like the 1scale model kits these kits started abouthe sa tme with the very first 1model kits agn srting from Ram “Generic” 1:ts may also be called No-Grade (N) tgundamo ereniate from other specific 1:Later kits (from Turn-A Gunsmall-scale models 68 inches for mscale models and inches for big-scale models although theseizes vary from model to model With a few exceptions all currently produced kits bearade ratings that give good idea about eir finaugundamality The following lists theost well-known and coon categories with dgns (vhly) in their order of quascaleFollowing the release of e Perft Gra Bandaioduced thePeect Grade  line to the Gamgundam series in 1998 This line features extensive detail and articulation as well as working skeletal systems and