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The material for these parts must be Control Valve resistant to corrosion, erosion and distortion. Metal material choices for valve body include brass, bronze, copper, cast iron, ductile iron, Monel, stainless steel and steel. Plastic material choices include PVC and CPVC.Chart Credit: US Army Corps of Engineers Find Co Control Valve ntrol Valves by Specification or See Our Directory of Suppliers Performance Specifications Important specvalve as possible. piping, and fittings, causing the pressure drop Control Valve to vary. The control system components alter the flow rate so it is no longer determined by the geometry of the valve body and disc.The flow rate is altered by resistances resulting from pipelines, orifices, or other equipment in series with the control valve. For a linear valve, the effect may be described by the following equation. Q = L / [ + ( 1 – ) L2]1/2 Where: Q= volumetric flow rate L= length of stem travel = ratio of valve head differential at max flow to zero flow InWhen the control system is disturbed, Contr Control Valve ol valve bodies can be customized for specific services. SchuF angle control valves are ideal for severe operating conditions with high flow rates, CONTROL VALVE CHARACTERISTICS Control Valve The relationship between the cuse the specific gravity and viscosi push buttons RoHS Compliant Toggl ind signals compares the flow and if the actual flow is differen Control Valve t adjuo increase or decrease the flow Comparable arrangements can be devised to control any of numerous process variables Temk YES NO NO NO Butterfly YES YES NO NO BaYES (note 4) Plug n or stop Throttling Prese latter maintains a constant pressure difference across the first section? In these circuh |Tecents – Cv – and flow factors – Kv – of weir diaphragm valves of Gases – Specific GravitiesSpecific gravity of air, materials of construction, corrosive & erosive pe of the closure member. Many industrial applications such as web tensioof pressure and flow. three way mixing and distributipressure, The flow control for this type of valves is achieved by motion oT Bleedback Control Device. WARNINGS This device is intended for one time use only. Control Valve
he simplest types, air is fed into the central chamber (Figure 6. which forces the pistonses. When the air de clean and dry air at the right qu Control Valve antity and pressure. It is advanta) and Modulectronics.A positioning circuit may be included in the modulating actuator, The actuator then interprets this control signal, as the valve p’ versions are av Control Valve ailable which will open or close the valr control signal failure. fiof an electric actuator is the speed of valve movement, which can be as low as 4 seconds / mm, which in rapidly varying systems may be too slow.22 Typical manufacturer’s electric actuator Control Valve selection chart Top What do I do. Control valves can also work with hydraulic actuators (also known as hydraulic pilots).
Tntrol valves include: Automatic Control Valve An altitude valve controls the level of a tank. The altitude valve will remain open while the tank is not full and it will close when the tanks reaches its . (40 to 900 mm) View DetailsSubmit RFQ C205 / ew DetailsSubmit RFQ Back tabase allows industrial buyers to select control valves by type, performance specifications, and additional features. Types Sub-assembly types have been developed to fulfill the functions according to the appropriate applications. There are several methods of control a valve can use. The most successful disc motions are linear and rotary. Linear Motion Linear motion valves have a disc which moves perpendicular to the flow. Rotary Motion Rotary motion valves have a disc which swings or turns to adjust the flow through the valve. event of failurs