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y the Shanghai Modern Bookstore, Serviced Apartments Hong Kong Islandcause a lot of repercussions. Then text Pok critics to describe Shiying unique perspective of class antagonisms, innovative and artistic wrist ingenious form, have affirmed and put Shiying deemed important harvest year Chinese literature. It was said that on the street of Shanghai, frServiced Apartments Hong Kong Islandeely moving a bookstore, we will find Shiying’s novel “poles” on the shelf, often journeying obsessed Mu Shiying readers to his letter, and even worship those who came from farawayServiced Apartments Hong Kong Island Southeast Asia knch and famous Shiying increasingly degenerate up soon. Cafes, dance halls, cinemas, high thou groom cones field …… Mushiying was often involved in. When Shizhecun later recalled Shiying said: “His day is night, sleep in the morning, afternoon and dinner was busy Pok his text, the next access to discos, cinemas, casino.” And even then have taken the magazine Shiying joked “not previously married, almost dance floor is his wing Science and Technology Pok, Pok understand the school’s teaching environment and characteristics, to visit the school to teach Pok Pok facilities, after traveling to Hong Kong Polytechnic Pok, Pok students to visit the school and beat Zhao pictures; afternoon flight back, day of arrival. End trip to Hong Kong. NOTE: The above reference travel, the actual flight will be slightly adjusted, the final itinerary and price to thServiced Apartments Hong Kong Islande official website shall prevail. On the same date in different cities starting group if the number is less, it may be outside the merger reception. Pok Pok school trips advantage of senior consulting, professional visa guidance, before full-line training, the team leader accompanied the teacher, intimate visit the country after the sfe’s mother home.” Even Shiying himself can not help but issued a “a city person,” the lament in the novel: “out of jazz, foxtrot, mixing wine, autumn fashion color, eight-cylinder sports car, the Egyptian smoke …… I will became man without a soul. “Soon, Shiying has a crush on the back of the cones gambling. Day after day, makina pool of blood. Shiying lived only a short period of years, a long after he was assassinated in a historical period, people think he is a “traitor” and deserved it, but by the early 1970s, but it was in Hong Kong The author is Shiying refute, that he is in the system is the KMT agents manslaughter. Since then, about Shiying’s identity and cause of death in people talking but uncompromising, become a fan case. After the death of controversy in the history of modern culture Pok, on Shiying activities pseudo Shanghai during the confusing, to say the cause of death vary. Activities within the year a laughing stock. This makServiced Apartments Hong Kong Islandes Li Shiqun just as bone stuck in my throat, must be a spit faster. One day, Li Shiqun, Dingmo village meeting to discuss countermeasures. They think it should be a two-pronged approach: First, immediately own newspaper; one who destroyed the newspaper, since it speechless. About Newspaper candidates they selected is called “devil”, is quite well known and Liu Shiying Naou, they tsassination scandals of their own people, but the best way to avoid outside the Yang family scandal is to keep silent. In addition, Shiying was assassinated the day sitting in a human rickshaw, and the Japanese did not take him with the “Cadillac” AdServiced Apartments Hong Kong Islandvanced bulletproof car, two bodyguards inseparable past nor with the left and right, which is frequent in the assassination of pseudo-period is ShServiced Apartments Hong Kong Islandanghai Very strange. The more reasonable guess is that he dare rickshaw ride one person alone, maybe he was thinking that the KMT agents, the KMT will not attack him, but did not expect was to be the KMT manslaughter. Shiying think may be another evidence KMT agents from his life, early experiences and works. And different growing up in Japan, Liu Nao (