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ars.  These solutions will help companies in IT-related industries demonstrate a property malaysiaheightened commitment to quality control. As a result, more costly claims will be property malaysiaavoided and insurance underwriters will feel more at ease providing Professional Liability insurance coverage to the organization. Author’s Resource BoxAbout the Author: James Cochran is the founder of Techinsurance, which has been providing high quality business liability insurance at a reasonable price to IT firms across the nation since 1997. They quickly became a leader in the online insurance industry, and have since maintained their position as one of the top IT insurance providersArticle A Step By Step Water Restoration Process   Author : Wendi Watson Submitted : property malaysia2008-10-26 00:00:00    Word Count : 610    Popularity:   9 Tags:   A, Step, By, Step, Water, Restoration, Process   Author RSS Feed Understanding the process of water restoration can help you coup with the disaster of being under flood, and prepare you to start the healing process. Water restoration is a step by step procedure. After property malaysiayour home has been flooded, there is a somewhat lengthy procedure dealing with water restoration, which needs to be handled professionally. It starts by:  Visual inspection: Before any meaningful recovery procedure can start, a full survey is needed to determine the level of water damage on the property. Typical material to be property malaysiachecked is: Carpet, walls, flooring material, furniture, electric wiring and outlets, sewage, drainage pipes, water supply lines, pipes, air conditioning units, heat pumps, dry walls, wells, roads, pavements, driveways, cars, and basements. Once the amount and level of damage is determined, one can have an idea of what to expect in terms of cost and time needed for the water restoration.  Water removal: Depending on where the water has gathered, the procedure of removing water needs to begin with the priority being to secure your home and water supplies from flood water. Water needs to be removed from where it doesn’t belong. That’s to say, you need to remove the excessive water from wells. Flood water in wells threatens your water supply. Flood water in your well will act as an open pipe where contaminants can be transferred through this virtual pipe from sewage and from the streets right to your water supply. So you need to pump out your well and restore it to its original shape. Once you’ve secured your water supply (the well), you need to secure a shelter for yourself. The way to do so is by removing the water from your home. If this proves to be too difficult to achieve within a reasonable amount of time, you need to designate one rooe also the investigator and informer components. The former provides .Net metadata with browsing tools for assembly structures. This allows developers to obtain detailed information on any items at a low level. The informer component provides all the detailed information about the assembly members.  There is also the Visual Studio Integration Package, a special module included in the suite which deeply integrates the tools with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE amongst other build environments such as NAnt and MSBuild. This component, Spices.VSIP, also offers property malaysiacomplete integration with Visual Studio 2003 up to 2010 as well as integration with MSBuild environments.  The Spices.Net Suite comes with various different licensing options. The basic single license allows you to install on a single property malaysiamachine plus a laptop for work or home. A team pack is also available allowing the software to be used on up to five machines while the enterprise version allows a limitless number of developer machines.  To find out more, or to try a free evaluation, visit Author’s Resource BoxAdam Kirk is a property malaysiasoftware developer who regularly works on .Net projects and uses FlyGrid.Net to help. http://www.9rays.netArticle A To Z Of Web Designing   Author : Manojj Kumarr Submitted : 2008-07-11 00:00:00    Word Count : 836    Popularity:   40 Tags:   Web Design, Website, Web Promotion, Designing, Designing Tips   Author RSS Feed Think small, like 10-12KB per image. Yes, depending on the source, the number of broadband users is going up. But slow pages are still really annoying, even if you’re on a T1. And huge images are a primary cause of slow pages. It’s easy to optimize your images. Always use graphics that fit the content. Just property malaysiabecause you have an adorable photo of your dog doesn’t mean you should have it on your Web site about Web Design (sorry, Shasta…). The main exception I would make to this is for “design” images. These are photos or graphics that help make up the design of the page, and are not intended to illustrate the content. Do not use images that blink or move or change or rotate or flash or do anything on your page. Or use them sparingly. There have property malaysiabeen many studies that show that flashing graphics are distracting and annoying to people. In fact, in one focus group I watched the browsers actually physically cover up flashing graphics so that they could read the rest of the page. Layout Stick with standard layouts. I’ve seen some pages that use 6 or 8 frames on one page. Another site used a layout where you had to scroll to the right to read everything on the page (but you never had to scroll down). These layouts are cute,