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People’s mediation is often misunderstood as “and muddy” and the people’s mediation posts are ridiculed as “old mothers”. However, Shen Dong has always believed that as long as he is brave enough to innovate, he will be able to turn the professional and industrial people’s mediation work in Pudong New Area into a city card for social governance. In 2012, 40-year-old Shen Donggang retired from the Navy, and now he is the deputy director of the Professional People’s Mediation Studio of the Pudong New Area Judicial Bureau. Shen Dong said that the people’s mediation needs to be deeply rooted in this road lightest wheelchair ramp. At work, Shen Dong is effective and advocates that all mediation organizations should do their best and improve their professionalism and standardization. At the same time, they should guide mediation organizations to reduce operating costs, enhance their self-discipline and mediate credibility. In the mediator’s office lightest wheelchair ramp, Shen Dong was concentrating on investigating Shen Dong’s once crowded sidewalk outside the hospital. A disabled person in a wheelchair handed over a card with a black on the top. Shen Dong recalled that Ms. Yan, who handed the card, was a“post-80s”Shanghai native. After graduating from graduate school, she worked for a securities company in Lujiazui. Everything went smoothly, but the day after she gave birth to the child, she began lightest wheelchair ramp. Fever, then the disease rapidly deteriorated, lung infection, respiratory failure, immune function was also seriously damaged lightest wheelchair ramp. After more than 10 sleepless nights, the medical staff finally saved Miss Yan from the line of life and death. After Miss Yan was discharged from the hospital, she was very weak and often couldn’t breathe. After half a year ,Miss Yan’s legs and feet began to have problems. The hip joints were dull and it was difficult to walk. Later, Miss Yan learned that it was a doctor.The hospital used a large dose of antibiotics and hormones to cause femoral head necrosis. She believed that the hospital was responsible for her disability, but all the hospitals were in compliance with the regulations, so she decided to embark on the road to rights protection. Shen Dong believes that although the method of Miss Yan’s printing card is irrational, he still wants to help her. Returning to the unit lightest wheelchair ramp, Shen Dong handed the dispute to the mediator of the People’s Mediation Committee of the doctor-patient dispute. In view of the complexity of the dispute, Shen Dong decided to participate in the investigation of this dispute. The Shendong team entered the hospital and did an investigation around the incident. They carefully investigated all the things that Miss Yan had been exposed to at the time lightest wheelchair ramp, and there were unusual findings. “After comparing the medical records of Miss Yan and her Miss Sun in the same ward, Miss Sun’s symptoms appeared two days earlier than Miss Yan. Therefore, the fact that Miss Yan was infected in the hospital is basically certain.” Shen Dong He said that after the event, Miss Yan refused to accept any mediation plan. Miss Yan was accused of asking for more money, but Shen Dong did not think so.