compare you to summer eternity ring

How romantic can a poet be? There are two poems in Shakespeare’s sonnet, “Can I compare you to a summer?” If you use it as a confession, it is so romantic to death: “Can I compare you to summer eternity ring? But you are more lovely than summer. More gentle… Death is also nowhere to confine you, you live in my eternal poetry.” The world in the eyes of the poet eternity ring, it seems that all things can be entered into poetry, pear flowers are snow, red beans are acacia, water has memories, four seasons have Life, mountains and lakes eternity ring, bamboo forest fireflies, deep sea fishing lights can be the material in the poem. “Fantasy drifting of the youth school” and in the eyes of the designers, about the same, flowers, birds, trees, sun and moon stars are the database of their materials, their imagination of nature is wonderful and romantic, the cloud is brocade eternity ring, the moonlight is Huashang, Even insects in nature can be inspirational. In the stereotype of the public, insects are generally regarded as ugly representatives, but in the hands of designers, insect elements have become one of the most fashionable symbols, because they are original with natural mystery, noble and elegant. 2017 Dior spring and summer show on the tulle on the wings of the butterfly, the insect-shaped veil, the entire show is like a secret garden in the forest maze. The butterfly on the Dior spring and summer show in 2017 flew into everyone’s heart, in fact This is not the first time Dior has used insect elements on a large scale. As early as 1951, Dior has stunned the fashion circle with an insect-embroidered dress. After half a century, we can still feel its classic charm eternity ring. The unique insect elements are arranged in a white dress with a touch of time. If you want to make the most commonly used insect elements a leaderboard, you must have bees and butterflies at the top of the pyramid. Whether it is Dior, Gucci or Valentino, these two classic insect elements are used to the extreme eternity ring. 1.The bee bee belongs to the art world. The American poet Emily Dickinson once wrote a romantic and beautiful short poem “To build a grassland”: to build a grassland, need a A clover and a bee, a clover and a bee, and a dream. If there are not many bees, it is also a dream. In her pen, the bee is a new hope, a new beginning, a clover, a bee and a light dream can create a new world. The big-name designers also used the bee elements to build a fantastic and wonderful world. In their hands, the bees became the decoration of the backpack, the embellishment of the boots and the embroideries on the clothes, even in the invitation of Dior Spring/Summer 2017. On the top, the bee appears as an independent element above the Dior logo.