Taipei hotel near MRT I know that Hengchun

Taipei hotel near MRT I know that Hengchun is because of a “Cape No.7”. I like Kenting because I am attracted by the beauty of the various goose-nose lighthouses on Weibo. Both Hengchun and Kenting have good names, and they are all beautiful places. In the south of the country, the seasons are like spring. Riding a locomotive on the seaside road, blowing freely, sitting on the roughest beach, basking in the sun, a bottle of frozen drink, really comfortable. Originally intended to play in Kenting for a while, but because I did not buy a Taipei hotel near MRT Taiwan Railway ticket, the original Hengchun Town’s itinerary had to be cancelled, leaving a little regret (here reminded, because Kenting did not have direct access to Hualien Trains, if you want to take the train, you must first go from Kenting to, then buy the trip to Hualien, and this line is very hot regardless of the off-season season, so be sure to book in advance!) So we contacted a Taipei hotel near MRT local Ding to Hualien’s day trip travel agency, playing the sea route in eastern Taiwan by bus. (The Kenting-Hualian Line has a total of two ways of playing, one is the Trang Valley, crossing the high mountains of central Taiwan, all the way to play canyons, one kind It is along the eastern coastline and is a seaside attraction. Near noon, we first arrived at the first stop of the seaside attraction – Taipei hotel near MRT Duoliang Station, which was named “the most beautiful station in Taiwan”. Standing on the platform waiting for the train, there is also an endless view, plus the platform. The red railings on the side are dotted with the blue sea and blue sky on the background. The retro train that runs past is a simple and pure beauty. The lunch on the pool for lunch is a boxed rice in a wooden box. The rice is very fragrant and Q-bomb. It is recommended to have pork cutlet rice and braised pork rice. The one we went to was a head office. At the door, we also pulled an old train and felt the most authentic feeling of Taiwanese bento in the car. After lunch, I went to Taipei hotel near MRT Burlang Avenue, where I could see the traffic of the city, the yellow flowers everywhere, and there was a Jincheng wushu in the field because Jinchengwu made an advertisement here. You can recommend everyone to rent a bicycle, slowly ride in the fields, feel the atmosphere away from the urban civilization. In the afternoon, we went to the landmark of the Tropic of Cancer and went to Ruisui Ranch to eat a fresh and nutritious whole dairy afternoon tea. Its cheese ice cream is full of rich milk. Although the ranch is not completely open, you can still experience the fun of feeding grass and milk in the cowshed. In the evening, I arrived in Hualien County. After a long journey, the most needed thing is to treat myself well, so we immediately rushed to Dongdaemun Night Market after a simple rest at the hotel (now Ziqiang Night Market seems to have passed). Let go of your stomach, because the bloggers were very hungry, and the shops Taipei hotel near MRT with lots of people went to the row to eat a bunch, and the details were not detailed.