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ColourWorks Painting has helped hundreds of homeowners get the most from their virtual patchingproperties with creative & cost saving solutions to their repair and decorative challenges. Please visit www.PaintByColourWorks.Article All About The Twitter Phenomenon Part 3   Author : CD Mohatta Submitted : 2009-09-16 12:23:01    Word Count : 529    Popularity:   14 Tags:   twitter, tweets, social networking,   Author RSS Feed This is continued from part two of this article series. Please read that before you read this article.  What Are You Doing On virtual patchingTwitter? has grown over 1300 last year. That means that many of us are joining Twitter in droves. Are you also tweeting? Why are you on virtual patchingthis website where people only have to post what they are doing? There are several reasons why people join twitter. Ask a group of people and you may come up with findings that may surprise you. Here are some of them.  1. I am virtual patchingon Twitter because my friends are there.  2. I have joined this because I wanted to know what exactly is this website. Why has it grown so much? I am in Internet business and am exploring to find out why so many people joined virtual patchingtwitter. Why cannot I make something similar or different and make money?  3. I am on Twitter because celebrities like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are there. I am their follower and keep track of what they are doing. I am always informed of new developments in their life.  4. I am trying to market my services on Twitter. Here is an audience of millions most of them can be my potential customers. I am thinking of ways to make them buy from me. The sheer number of members makes my mouth water with thoughts of profit.  5. I am on Twitter to fight my campaign of animal rights (or some other campaign). I find it cruel to kill animals. I feel that more people should know the torture the animals are undergoing.  6. I am on twitter to meet new people. When I get bored I read what others are saying and join conversations. I am having few friends in my real life and we hardly meet now a days. I have a need to connect with people. After all I am a social animal.  7. I frankly do not know why I joined. I have a habit of joining any website and social network which is popular. That way I feel good about myself. Honestly it is serving no purpose but I feel good.  What Is Your Behavior On Te hectic work schedules always reward themselves with massages at the end of the day; not only them but also athletes and those whose work involves strenuous activities. These people turn to massage therapists to rejuvenate and make them feel better. Even those who recently figured in accidents need massage therapists to help them recuperate faster.  Massage therapists, obviously, are always on their toes. However, even if massage therapists are in demand, it can be said that most of them donft have big offices or clinics like most doctors. In fact, some massage therapists work from home, because they find it useful to turn a room in their homes into a small office that can be used to accept patients and do therapy sessions, so that they may have all that they need within reach.  But the problem such professionals face everyday is to find the best way to combine those secretarial tasks, such as appointment booking, without which virtual patchingtheir business would not even exist and, of course, their profession itself. And the major difficulty all of them report is to perform all of them efficiently.  Now, if youfre a massage therapist, how will you solve this predicament? The best thing to do is to set up a virtual medical office that offers automated appointment virtual patchingscheduling right from the comfort of your home. What is a virtual medical office? It is like your medical office albeit online. This means that your patients can easily access your virtual medical office as long as they have access to a computer or if they have smart phones like Blackberry or iPhone.  AssistMedic is one company that offers virtual medical office systems intended for those in the virtual patchingmedical practice. Their system is integrated with a virtual medical receptionist that functions the same way as a normal, human medical office receptionist. The only difference is that the virtual medical receptionist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  AssistMedic will serve as your medical office virtual patchingreceptionist who answers all of your patientsf calls during and even after hours. The AssistMedic system also enables online medical scheduling so your patients can schedule an appointment from the comfort of their own home, no matter what time it is. You never have to hire a part-time receptionist anymore to take care of your growing business. With AssistMedic, you instantly get a virtual medical office complete with a virtual medical receptionist at at an extremely reasonable price. Actually using the AssistMedic services costs much less than it does to hire a full time or part-time receptionist. Also, you and your patients will never have to miss appointments anymore because AssistMedicfs system is also able to send out medical appointment reminders.  You donft have to spend extensively just to make your practice asDo You Know The Pros And Cons Of Adult Online Dating?   Author : Tyson Miller Submitted : 2008-0