Kaohsiung people still support the DPP in their hearts Taiwan Taipei hotel

However, she also said that some Kaohsiung people still support the DPP in their hearts Taiwan Taipei hotel, but they only hope to change, but their vote of no confidence in the DPP is also “public opinion Taiwan Taipei hotel.” When I went to work in Taipei, he complained that the days of “Northern drift” were not good, and the income was low and the expenses were large Taiwan Taipei hotel Taiwan Taipei hotel. The scenic spots of “developing into a tax-free zone and trying to promote the casino” are crowded with local tourists Taiwan Taipei hotel, landlords and international tourists Taiwan Taipei hotel. After the Democratic Progressive Party took office, the year is not as good as one year. Now Luke is the “biggest” of Kaohsiung tourists, and their spending power is also significantly stronger than Southeast Asian guests. There is a child who is in high school. He is a child of Pingtung Air Force’s village, went to Kaohsiung to help South Korea, and the Hong Kong supermarket sells Philippine fruit, which makes her feel uncomfortable. She said that if the Kaohsiung agricultural and fishery products are slow-moving, they should open up the mainland market. This is the “untouchable economy” and can be immediately seen. This year, Taiwan’s bananas were disastrously sold as garbage. He hoped that the new mayor would find a way for banana farmers to sell bananas to the mainland. Because he is in Kaohsiung, he does not want to go north to do “Northern drift” after graduation. He is confident to find the ideal job in Kaohsiung. Destroying the cross-strait relations to the end, he believes that Kaohsiung’s development is so bad, and that the land passengers will reduce the impact on the tourism industry, how can life be better? As long as the two sides of the strait are brothers, the same species, the two sides of the strait, mutual trust, the relationship can naturally do a good job. I personally regard the mainland as a friend and do not regard the mainland as an enemy. Cross-strait relations will be better. Do not deepen the opposition, why not give up business without doing it. He mentioned that Kaohsiung’s roads are pitted and people are reminiscent of whether it is a “corruption project.” After a while, he said, “The Luke team came in and didn’t consume anything.” Later, they said, “They came to Taiwan to be earned by the land of the “one-stop”, and the Taiwanese did not make any money.” The three waiters were busy receiving guests – the day was exactly the weekend, and there were 10 tour groups, four of which were mainland groups. Some young employees in the hotel voted for the DPP in the past, but this time they became “Han Fan”.There are omissions in my work, and the number of inspections will increase in the future. In the past, the “Tourism Bureau” and the county and city governments routinely inspected hotels and homestays, and the focus was always on internal facilities safety and service quality maintenance. They never paid attention to the website. Marked, “There is an omission.”